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Active Transportation

Grand Rapids

Community Bike Share

Did you know that Grand Rapids is now home to a community bike share program? Bike sharing is a trending, innovative approach to public transportation that gives community members access to public bikes for travel or recreation. Our bike share program is:

  • FREE! (You must sign a waiver to participate.)

  • Great for short trips! (Take a ride on your lunch break.)

  • A healthy form of transportation!                                                         STOP AT ONE OF THE 4 LOCATIONS TO BORROW A BIKE TODAY!

Available May-October (weather permitting)

For more information, contact the City of Grand Rapids, MN

My City Bikes: Itasca County

My City Bikes is an international public health campaign that provides free mobile resources to inspire and facilitate cycling. Their community specific apps are great for any beginning bicyclist, or anyone looking for new routes. Whether you bike (or want to start) for recreation or transportation, this is a must have app for you! Get Fit Itasca is proud to have been able to sponsor the second community in Minnesota to receive this resource. Scan the QR Code below to download now for free! (they are updating maps currently so code may not work)

Things to keep in mind when navigating a bike lane:

  • Your bike is your vehicle! Bicyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic and follow all traffic laws established for automobiles

  • A bike lane marked with solid white lines indicates that the lane is for the exclusive use of the cyclists.

  • Bike lanes have a dashed white line before the intersection to indicate joint use.  A right-turning car is to move into the bike lane before the intersection, first signaling the lane merge, then merging all the way over to the curb, then making the turn when safe.  The biker can pass them on the lane to the left.

  • If a bike encounters an obstruction in a bicycle lane, the biker may merge into car traffic to avoid it.

  • When riding next to parallel parked cards, bikers should ride in the left half of the bike lane when safe and possible.  This will keep bikers as far away as possible from opening car doors.

  • Both auto and cycle drivers should always signal their planned movement. (See image to the left)

  • Both drivers and bikers should operate their vehicles defensively.  The single most important rule is to remain alert and be prepared for unpredictable moves or mistakes by others.

  • Bikers should use lights when on the road at night!

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