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Images of Success

This page is all about showing off the success of past and current worksites. Worksite Wellness is all about learning. This allows each site to create the changes that will have the best impact on their workplace! These are some of those changes!

This is one of the Sit to Stand desks purchased by MacRostie Art Center. The staff has increased their awareness of employee wellness since partaking in Worksite Wellness

This water filtration system was purchased by the City of Deer River. It is used every day by every single one on the employees! Since being  installed, everyone has increased how much water they are drinking!

Cenex in Deer River, MN was able to order these height adjustable desk for some of their employees! They have been a big hit and everyone uses them on a daily basis!

"Having the opportunity to be a part of the Get Fit Itasca (GFI) Worksite Wellness program allowed our agency to take pause, to learn what we could do to not only keep our employees healthier, our consumers that we serve as well.  We implemented all of our goals and exceeded our expectations. Without the staff at GFI and the investment of the full team, it would have been difficult to reach our goals.  We are now smoke free at all our sites, smoke free in vehicles, have privacy for  breastfeeding, chose a different vendor for healthy snacks, have healthier meals catered in for special events, and have encouraged staff to stay healthier for emotional, spiritual and physical well-being."-Audery Moen, Northland Counseling Center

Grand Village created a wellness board at their site. It is updated with tips, articles, and other wellness materials for the employees.

This water infuser was a great addition to Grand Village. It is a healthy option that is available to all of the employees!  

"There are several different things we have achieved through the Worksite Wellness initiative.  We have healthy vending stations, a breastfeeding/pumping room and hydration stations at both the Itasca Resource Center (IRC) and Courthouse locations.  We have updated our Wellness Policy, and continue to work on tobacco cessation and stress management awareness.  We appreciate all that we have learned through the Worksite Wellness Collaborative."


- Naesa Myers, Itasca County

Itasca County Public Health created a mother's room for their employees. This room is a inviting and comfortable space for mothers to breastfeed!

This water bottle filling station was a great addition for Itasca County Public Health! It is used by employee and many of the visitors in the building. 

The Healthy Vending machine is a great change that Itasca County Public Health made during their Worksite Wellness! It is a favorite of many of the employees and they are used as resource for other worksites looking to make the switch to Healthy Vending!

Watch this page grow as more and more workplaces progress with their Worksite Wellness journey!

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