Active Living Resource Guide

Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving Itasca! This is your guide to recreational activities in Itasca County.


The information is available in Adobe PDF format.


If there is an active living resource in an Itasca County community that is not listed, please email:





Mesabi Trail Map - 130 Mile Trail for: Walk, Hike, Bike, Skate, Ski, Snowshoe and in some areas snowmobile.  Trailhead located at Itasca County Fairgrounds & many other locations to access trail.

For more info on the Mesabi Trail check out their website:

            - Use the Mesabi Trail Shuttle Service

            - Find out where you can purchase a Mesabi Trail Wheel Pass ($15 annual, $5 three-day pass for bikes on the trail)

            - Join the Club and help support the trail

Legion Ski & Bike Trails and Hale Lake Trails Map - Trail Head located adjacent to the Grand Rapids High School Parking Lot

Taconite Trail Map - 165 Mile Trail for: snowmobiling, some for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.

Big Ridge Trails - Snowmobile and Ski Trails.  Trail Head/Parking Lot located off of County Road 560.

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