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Helpful Links for You


Interested in a way how you can help your neighborhood with food access? Check out our guide to placing, building, and stocking Little Free Pantries. They are great way to share some food and personal items for those in need around your community.

(Step by step building plans are in the works)


The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 upgraded nutrition guidelines in schools. Do you want to know if your school is meeting required standards for foods sold in a la carte, vending, etc.? Use the Smart Snacks Calculator!


Looking to design a meal plan that is just right for you? The USDA and Department of Health and Human Services gives authoritative advice, for Americans ages 2 and older, about consuming fewer calories, making informed food choices, and being physically active to attain and maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic disease, and promote overall health



For food and nutrition information you can trust, head to the American Dietetic Association’s webpage


Want to know if you are at a healthy weight? Check out the CDC’s BMI calculator

Want fun ideas and activities for teaching kids to eat healthy and be active? Check out Dental Associates of Florida article on Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

Not sure where to start with basic healthy eating? Check out this beginners guide.

Check out this cool MyPlate tool to figure out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your weight.

Eat less to lose weight and eat more to gain weight!

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