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The trails in Itasca County are ever changing. Check here for a list of places you can look for maps for trails around the county. 

Mesabi Trail Map - 130 Mile Trail for: Walk, Hike, Bike, Skate, Ski, Snowshoe and in some areas snowmobile.  Trailhead located at Itasca County Fairgrounds & many other locations to access trail.

For more info on the Mesabi Trail check out their website:

            - Use the Mesabi Trail Shuttle Service

            - Find out where you can purchase a Mesabi Trail Wheel Pass ($15 annual, $5 three-day pass for bikes on the trail)

            - Join the Club and help support the trail

            - Check out their interactive map:

MT Logo.jpg

Legion Ski & Bike Trails and Hale Lake Trails Map - Trail Head located adjacent to the Grand Rapids High School Parking Lot

Taconite Trail Map - 165 Mile Trail for: snowmobiling, some for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.

Big Ridge Trails - Snowmobile and Ski Trails.  Trail Head/Parking Lot located off of County Road 560.

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