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© 2014 - 2020 by Get Fit Itasca. 





To provide wayfinding and encourage active, non-motorized transportation throughout the community.



In partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, Get Fit Itasca has created an online, interactive map of Itasca County that shows trail entrances, community parks, athletic fields, etc.  This map also has the capability of either showing or hiding county trails (biking, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, multi-purpose.  If you are trying to - for example - map out a good 15 mile bike ride, this map is the perfect map for you.  A link to this map and brief directions for its use are listed below. 


Does technlogoy scare you? Don't worry - we have some pre-made PDF maps of the trails for you as well! You won't be able to map our your route, but they are still very useful.

Itasca County Active Living Map


We have created a comprehensive map containing trails, parks, park amenities, schools, and athletic fields for all of Itasca County.  You can use this map to find resources near you, and even to map out a trail route you are considering using.  To help you navigate this map, we have put together a quick set of instructions for use. 



                       This is the Legend.  It is your key to all of the symbols on the map.  As you zoom in closer to any given location, more symbols will appear                                    and the legend list will become longer.





                       This symbolizes the map’s Layers.  On this map, you have the capability to turn trail layers on and off. For example, you can look at the                                        hiking,biking, skiing, and multi-purpose trails in Grand Rapids at once, or you can also choose to turn on solely the bike trail layer and see                                  only those paths.




                        You can use this tool to map out, or Measure, a desired trail or street route.  If you click “Measure” and then use this measuring method,                                   the application will give you a result in miles. Double click the marker to end the route.  Double click again to delete the route.




                       On this particular application, using the Print tool also allows you to save a PDF version of the map you are viewing or have created.                                            Simply click the print icon, click the drop-down arrow to select portrait or landscape, and click print one more time.  You will then be able                                   to save and print the resulting "Printout". (It may take a moment for the printout to show up after following these directions.)




                   With this tool, you can Share any map you have viewed or created via e-mail, Google+, Facebook, or a URL code.  To show the area you are                                 zoomed in on, be sure to check the “Share current map extent” box before sharing! 



There is also a free mobile app for this map! 







Go to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search applications for “ArcGIS”.  Once downloaded, you can search for Get Fit Itasca, or Itasca County Active Living to find this community map.  The benefit of viewing this map on your phone is that you can use the GPS locator to pinpoint your exact location, and map out your route on the go!


Click anywhere on the map to get started!

Map instructions only available on full desktop site.