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What is One Vegetable, One Community?

Winter and Summer Squash

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One Vegetable, One Community is about local foods, community and partnerships. OVOC is for everyone. It is about starting the conversation about vegetables grown in your area – to produce a resilient, inclusive food system. Fresh, healthy food should be accessible to everyone.

Each community rallies together to plant, grow, cook and/or share a single vegetable for the year – vegetable of the year (Squash for 2020). By including the chosen vegetable at community event/potlucks; incorporating it on menus at local restaurants, hospitals, schools; growing in garden boxes outside local businesses; and at local soup kitchens, we are broadening the conversation about food and making this a community norm.

Through One Vegetable, One Community, we hope that people can grow together, cook together, eat together and learn together, and at the same time build a stronger local food system, increase access to healthy foods, and nurture a healthy community.

Building community, one vegetable at a time.

How Do I Get Involved?

It’s easy to participate! We want brand new gardeners, veteran gardeners, and everyone in-between. Seed kits are available for FREE, every May, at your local library, local food shelf, and local YMCA every spring. Kits include seeds, planting instructions, a row marker and recipes. Plant your seeds, watch them grow, and then eat them up!

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