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One Vegetable, One Community

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What is One Vegetable, One Community?

Why Should I


One Vegetable, One Community is about local foods, community and partnerships. OVOC is for everyone. It is about starting the conversation about vegetables grown in your area – to produce a resilient, inclusive food system. Fresh, healthy food should be accessible to everyone.

Each community rallies together to plant, grow, cook and/or share a single vegetable for the year – vegetable of the year. By including the chosen vegetable at community event/potlucks; incorporating it on menus at local restaurants, hospitals, schools; growing in garden boxes outside local businesses; and at local soup kitchens, we are broadening the conversation about food and making this a community norm.

Through One Vegetable, One Community, we hope that people can grow together, cook together, eat together and learn together, and at the same time build a stronger local food system, increase access to healthy foods, and nurture a healthy community.

Building community, one vegetable at a time.

How Do I Get Involved?



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It’s easy to participate! We want brand new gardeners, veteran gardeners, and everyone in-between. Seed kits are available for FREE, every May, at the library, food shelves, YMCA, and others. Kits include seeds, planting instructions, and recipes. Plant your seeds, watch them grow, and then eat them up!

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