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Welcome to Workplace Wellness

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What is Workplace Wellness?

Get Fit Itasca works with businesses to create a culture of health and wellness within their organization. We meet 1 on 1 to discuss steps you would want to take. We also want to bring businesses together in a collaborative model for the year. The collaborative model allows businesses to share their experiences with each other. As everyone has a unique perspective, we are able to learn from everyone's experiences through celebrating each success and working together on how to overcome each barrier. The collaborative meets as often as everyone decides that year, typically once a month. Each meeting discusses a different topic relevant to healthy workplaces, decided by the collaborative, and involves presentations from experts on these topics. We can create goals and visions for each workplace, work on implementation strategies, and build resources to create and sustain a healthier workplace!

 Focus Areas:

- Healthy Eating

- Active Living

- Tobacco Cessation

- Breastfeeding

- Stress Management (Resiliency)

- Diabetes Prevention

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Why Participate in Workplace Wellness?

We help you organize your wellness initiatives and promote a physical environment that supports employee health and positive lifestyle behaviors that can lead to:

  • Decreased absenteeism and employee turnover

  • Reduced overall health care costs

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved time and stress management

  • Increased employee recruitment and retention

  • Bolstered employee morale

  • Enhanced organizational image

Stressed Man

Because the majority of adults spend nearly half of their waking hours at work, the work environment has a significant potential to influence health

We strive to create a sustainable behavior change through focus on Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) change. They provide the foundation in your workplace that creates a culture of health


Adopt a tobacco free grounds policy, which will influence tobacco users to make an attempt to quit and protects others from secondhand smoke


Offer annual health assessments so employees can establish baselines to work from and reaffirm their health goals.


Decide to have healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables, offered at meetings or in the vending machines to support peoples nutritional choices

Culture of Health

People are able to make healthy life choices within a larger social environment that values, provides, and promotes health and well-being

How To Get Started:

Secure Leadership Support

This step is critical to the success of any wellness initiative


Convene a Wellness Committee

Gather a group to brainstorm ideas. An official committee shows commitment and is more sustainable


Develop a Vision and Brand

Be creative and have fun with it! Team name, motto, and/or logo


Conduct Assessments

This helps justify the program, evaluate changes, and determine what employees want in workplace wellness


Develop and Implement Your Plan

This includes timeline, budget, work assignments, marketing, evaluation procedures, and overall mission. Making sure goals are clearly stated and measurable will help keep things on track



This shows participation rates, satisfaction levels, behavior changes, bio-metric changes, productivity, and returns on investment. Use these to identify areas of improvement or justify a budget increase


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